Saturday Night Hope!

Environment: Pressure-free, grace-filled, fun, welcoming, supportive, and safe. A place for Christians who don’t fit in, struggling saints and seekers looking for answers in a non-hostile setting. It’s also a place for Christians who do fit in but want to do something interesting and fun on a Saturday night. Stop in for coffee & snacks, stay late or leave early, join in or just watch & laugh! We only have 1 rule: be nice 🙂

Dress Code: Fast Food Casual. Shoes are not required. Shirts and smiles are highly suggested!

Giving: If you want to bring donations for the downtown rescue mission, we will add them to Cornerstone’s food box.  We will only take an offering if we have a special guest with expenses to cover. Of course, if you want to bake a cake to share with everyone, that’d be awesome too! No kittens though (this means you Carrie).

Participation: Be as involved as you want to be. And why not jump in? If you don’t feel worthy then we’re especially ready for you!

Saturday Night Hope!  A safe, cool, free place… a place to breathe… a place to escape… a place for support… a place to believe and to be believed… a place to be creative and to celebrate creativity in others… a place to be delivered into hope for today and tomorrow… a place to belong… a safe place to hear a dangerous message!

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