Other notes

It occurred to me today that my dark opinion of people and their natures- that people can’t truly change themselves- finds some support in recent DNA studies.  Even our feelings of happiness are 80% hardwired or coded into our physical bodies (I can’t remember the source for this… they said 10% was circumstantial and 10% was actually under our conscious/subconscious control).  This would mean, if true, that changes in attitude and behavior- in thought and belief patterns even- represents a true physical miracle.  This could also mean that the mystery of “Christ in us” could be more physical than most theologians have considered…  to the point of a Jesus gene added (or gene modification) in our very DNA…  Such a thing could be studied and proven/disproven but I’m sure it would be an expensive and pointless (in the opinion of our modern science which is God-less) procedure.

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